The Foundation Board meeting is tomorrow!

Tomorrow, on Friday 30 October, GISA will meet a delegation of the Foundation Board of the Graduate Institute, in the Ivan Pictet auditorium at 12:15.

We invite all students to come listen and participate in the discussion, which will have an effect on the future development of our school in general, and direct influence on the current issues of governance, transparency, and tuition hikes in particular. The students’ concerns are outlined in this document: English version or French version. To support this position, we are collecting signatures on campus today and tomorrow (come see us in the Petal 2 lobby or the Petal 4 student space); also, if you are unable to sign physically, please send us an email with your full name to be added to the list of electronic signatures.

That same evening, in order to wind down and prepare for the long, cold winter, join us for the GISA Halloween party at the Ethno!


Final draft document for Foundation Board meeting

All Graduate Institute students are invited to read and comment on the final draft of the document to be presented to the Foundation Board for the 31 October meeting. We would like to have a final and approved version by tonight so that tomorrow it can be translated into French. On Monday 27 October the document should be sent out! Here is the Google doc link.


Health and Climate Change Event

This Monday 27 October the Graduate Institute, in collaboration with the University of Geneva, is organizing an event with keynote speakers and a panel discussion to address the issues of health and climate change.

For more details and registration, visit the Facebook page and the Institute’s website.


Preparation workshops for Foundation Board meeting


The workshops on decision-making and transparency took place last week and today; our discussions were productive and you can check the results in the relevant Google docs (see below). Tomorrow 22 October at 18:00 in the student space we are having the final preparatory workshop which will address the tuition hike point and then discuss all the issues together and the general GISA position and final document for the 31 October meeting with the Foundation Board! Come and join us.

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We are seeing very interesting developments and events at the Graduate Institute these days, some of which may be unprecedented. The initial, somewhat broad and unfocused, reaction to the increase in tuition fees has evolved into a more concrete and organized initiative to bring about change at our school. Perhaps the first (baby) step in this direction was the town hall meeting with Director Burrin of 19 September. The next important step is the upcoming 31 October meeting with the Foundation Board. This will be the perfect moment for students to communicate directly with the executive decision-making body of the Institute and voice their concerns, ideas, and opinions. In order to make the most of this unique opportunity, GISA is supporting workshops to prepare for the meeting and figure out a common strategy and approach. If you would like to get more involved (and you should!) then please join the Facebook event and follow our calendar here on the website. The system we have set up is based on three working groups which collaborate on a Google doc which outline our strategy for the meeting; the three priority points are 1) decision-making process, 2) transparency, and 3) tuition hike (links lead to the relevant Google docs; the general folder with some additional information is here). The next workshop is scheduled for today, Thursday 16 October, at 14:00 in the student space and the discussion point will be the “decision-making process”. Hope to see you there!


GISA’s Official Tuition Hike Stance








Source: Google Images

Please find GISA’s Official take on the tuition hikes in this document.

For any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at gisa@graduateinstitute.ch


Master’s Forum Report with Administration

  • During the Masters Forum students are invited to raise their concerns and advance proposals. They are collected in the Masters Forum Report and presented to the administration. The follow-up on the report presents the results of those dialogues.
  • The Masters Forums Report last semester highlights concerns regarding the Master thesis and the scholarships allocation policy.
  • The Follow-up on the Report highlights the official explanation about the new deadline for the Master thesis, adopted for the graduating class of 2014, as well as the decision for not allowing the increase of credit courses to be taken at the University of Geneva.

Budget Proposal for 2014-2015

GISA has conducted a survey to evaluate students‘ preferences regarding the funding of the three categories GISA events, program allocations and student initiative funding. The results were strongly in favor of distributing the allocations equally across the three groups. Based on these preferences the GISA board and interested students have come up with a proposal for the 2014-2015 budget. Please have a look at the proposal and feel free to comment below or to make suggestions on how to improve it. Also, if you have any questions regarding the budget or certain allocations, please ask! This online discussion will be open throughout the summer. It gives you the opportunity to be involved in the drafting process, so we have a well supported proposal to vote on at the GA, which will be held at the beginning of the fall semester.

The major changes from the 2013-2014 budget to this proposal are a reduction in the budget for GISA events in favor of the student initiatives and the program allocations. Further, in 2013-2014 the programs received 7CHF per student with a minimum of 100CHF and a maximum of 500CHF per program. The increase in the allocation to the programs has allowed us to increase the allocations to 8CHF per student and to remove the upper limit. Last year we have put some money aside (1000CHF) and we would like to continue with this practice in order to build up savings, which can eventually be used for a big purchase or event. In the proposal we add 200CHF to the savings. Please feel free to discuss those ideas and to share your opinion regarding the suggestions.

Please note that the surplus of 2013-14 is an estimated number, as well as the program allocations. Find the budget proposal here.


PhD Forum Report

The PhD Forum Report which covers the issues raised throughout the year and during the PhD Forum of May 23 is out and ready to be consulted. Please take the time to go over it and do not hesitate to send Umut further comments on specific issues.


Budget Forum Report

As a direct response to the Budget Forum held a few weeks ago, the new GISA committee has decided to implement a few changes to the current structure of the budget drafting. Thanks to the great suggestions and points raised during this open forum, the following recommendations will be taken:

1) A survey has been drafted to gather student’s feedback on how they would like to see the budget allocated, especially with regards to GISA social events, class representative events, and student initative funding. Please find it here and complete it asap so that the necessary steps can be taken.
2) Once this feedback has been recieved, the budget will be drafted in a public meeting with the participation of all interested students. Please send an email to Danièle if you would like to attend. The budget proposal will then be posted to an online forum for the summer where further suggestions and reactions are welcome.
3) These last changes will be taken into consideration so that the budget can be voted on during the first General Assembly in September.

Additionally, students raised various good concerns about student involvement. The GISA board will therefore hold an information session during welcome week to inform and bring new students up-to-speed with what the association does (it’s role, structure, events, how to get involved, etc) and will especially focus on how the budget is allocated. We hope this will encourage new students to also vote at the General Assembly and voice any concerns about the budget.

Finally, in order to be able to further allocate funds to active student initatives and class representatives, the Treasurer will ask for a mid-semester review of the initatives and their funding.  If events have to be cancelled or postponed, the GISA board will be able to better allocate these funds to groups in need.


Cabaret 2014 Report

You asked for it? Here is our Cabaret 2014 Report!

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2014 Cabaret! The event was a tremendous success with 405 people in attendance. Congratulations to our talented team of writers, directors, performers, and volunteers for making it an incredible show. We hope you all enjoyed the play and danced the night away!

As requested, here is a summary of the itemized budget. As compared to last year, there were significantly more revenues and less expenditures for the 2014 Cabaret. This year, the budget for Cabaret was 10’500 CHF total—6’000 CHF from GISA’s Annual Budget and 4’500 CHF as estimated revenues from ticket sales. In an effort to spend conservatively, expenditures were much less than originally projected. Specifically, we managed to decrease the amount covered by the GISA budget from 7’932.28 CHF (in 2013) to 2’327.52 CHF (in 2014). Next year, we hope to save even more and further reduce expenditures.We hope that you all enjoyed the night and will continue to foster interest and discussion about such creative events within our student body.

A huge thanks to IHEID Shutterbugs for all their pictures of the night! Make sure to check them out on facebook.