Class representatives

Different programs have different thoughts, voices, and questions. As such, the “class rep” is responsible for passing information from individual students to their program, other units, and GISA’s executive committee and vice versa.  The class reps engage in constant dialogue with students from their programs to make sure everything is going smoothly, communicate and establish bridges of information with professors and heads of program units, meet on a monthly basis and participate in other GISA activities to obtain the best results out of our curricular experience. Additionally they also facilitate inter-unit activities, find out the latest fun cultural and social trends in Geneva, and meet on a monthly basis to encourage students to actively contribute to the school’s socio-cultural diversity.

Current Class Representatives

Here’s a list of current class reps by program and academic year. To contact these representatives, just click on their names.

Year Class Representative
MIA – International Affairs (Masters only)
1 Jacob Fessler
2 Candice White

MDEV – International Development (Masters only)

1 Esther Pak
2 Noël Harris

International Economics

1 Julieta Contreas Sifuentes
2 Carolina Lemos Rêgo
Ph D

International Relations / Political Science

1 Étienne Vigoet / Meredydd Rix
2 Cesare Figari Barbeis
Ph D Laura Kimberly Schenker (1st year) 
International History 
1 Andréa Bourgogne 
2 Vic Herr / Sara Arab
Ph D Alexa Rae Burk (1st year) 

Anthropology and Sociology of Development

1 Mariana Gamarra
2 Melba Fernandez
Ph D

International Law

1 Frenkchris Sinay
2 Niki Koumadoraki /Benjamin Peters
Ph D Vera Piovesan (2nd year)

Development Economics (PhD only)

Ph D Poorna Mazumdar (Development Economics, 3rd year) 

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