Academic Writing Initiative @ IHEID

Motivation and objective

Due to the diverse academic backgrounds at the Institute and the resulting partial difficulties with writing academically in both English and French, the initiative was created. The main goal is to provide a platform for these students to become acquainted with a variety of issues of academic writing. Additionally, proofreading and peer-reviewing takes place to improve papers before submission, but also to exchange academic ideas with peers.

Description of activities

The main activities are workshops on academic writing, presentations and rhetoric, and software related to writing. These include guest speakers on specific issues. Activities are also coordinated with other student initiatives such as AMEF and the Interdisciplinary PhD Seminar. A goal for the future is to establish a writing center to provide proofreading and editing and provide workshops before the start of the autumn term to introduce students unfamiliar with English/French writing to some basic techniques.


The workshops are open to anyone interested. They are combined of presentations, exercises, and discussions to exchange ideas and problems regarding academic writing.

Upcoming events

  • May 4th: Workshop on Public Speaking and Presentations

Pavel Mraz, PhD Student in IR/PS, TA, Consultant for GCSP, Intern at the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic for the UN

  • May 6th: Workshop on Thesis Writing and Thesis Statements

Jeffrey Dickinson, PhD Student in Econ

  • May 7th: Workshop on Constructing and Structuring Arguments

Mira Fey, PhD Student in IR/PS, TA

  • Peer-review sessions, tbd


Person responsible

Mira Fey, first-year PhD student in Political Science/International Relations Mira has previously studied at Malmö University in Sweden where she completed courses in Academic Writing and Copy Editing and worked as academic writing tutor. Additionally, she worked as research assistant in a project of the Center on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding where she was responsible for proofreading articles and book chapters of a book to be published, compile literature reviews and edit bibliography within Zotero. Apart from her studies and research, she has a strong interest in writing and editing, and often provides assistance for friends by proofreading their papers.

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