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Vincent WolffHi everybody,

Let’s keep this short but precise:

I am concerned about the relationship between the Institution IHEID and us – their students. It feels like outward appearance is more important than the inner well-being of the student body. It makes the impression that our concerns are not acknowledged and we are not treated as equals.

Therefore, I think GISA must double-track their goals and work in the coming years:

(1) urgent problems and issues

(2) students’ long-term relationship with the institute.

1.Each year important issues are coming up:

We spend so much time here, even weekends. So why is the only place where we can sit, inside classrooms or the library? Why don’t we have access to the kitchens on the weekends? How can it be that some classes are too full or the rooms to small and that we do not have air to breath after 4pm? Why is the course registration for some classes such a mess? This are all issues students have already raised and we must and will work on them. I am committed to:

  • increasing student space, class/exam environment and air quality
  • improving class registration and the French program

2. Year after year we face the same issues and we try to solve it with the same approach, which is why change is happening so slowly. Currently, all our negotiation with the administration is happening on their goodwill. That’s why I want to:

  • work on a binding mechanism to include us in the decision-making process for far-reaching decisions – such as tuition fees, new residence consultations and increasing the student body
  • Introduce a Student Survey to gather strong empirical evidence that shows the administration that our academic, mental health, and facilities concerns are concrete and real. –  like “80% of the students want to be able to use the kitchen on the weekends”
  • building connection within municipal institutions and get in contact with other student associations across Geneva and across Switzerland. I am convinced this lack of cooperation is not only a IHEID phenomenon. Building long-term cooperation on common issues.

Tackling this cooperation problem is necessary because big decisions are on the plate. The completion of the new student house in 2020 and the increase in the number of students. There are reasonable points (student-prof ratio, small classrooms, etc.) the university must consider and we want to be on the table when those decisions are made.

I think we should work on a more general change in the way we cooperate with the institute than just settling on a few houseplants in the library!




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