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Presidency is a project, not an opportunity

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A president never works alone.
Dear friends, 
My name is André Sarli and I am running for President. I have been following the work of GISA and the initiatives very closely from the beginning – Law Class Representative, LANI, GGoGG (Graduate Game of Global Governance) and volunteering in various occasions. And most of you know, the Cabaret. With this year of intense experience inside the Institute, I feel more than prepared for the position.
None of my 129 votes was a funny vote. Nonetheless, new election, new spirit ahead. I am here to win your trust again. I am convinced that fair debates on the projects brought by the candidates should always be the most important campaign. In this regard, I am glad to share with you my positions and working plan.
For me, Presidency in a Student Association means responsibility in representation and defense of students’ rights. Above anything else. It is a project, not an opportunity.

Without further ado, here is my platform. I chose to keep it short here, considering we are all under stress with papers and exams. Notwithstanding you can find a more detailed version online:

Priorities and Proposals
More jobs and opportunities:
Strengthening our relationship with Careers Services, Alumni Network and improve the outreach of GISA with other institutions and partners. Promote information sharing between students.
Closer watch on current reform and policies:
Develop a strategy with the Master VP and the whole board, and the special committees, to prevent and discover possible harmful policies such as the MINT programme reforms, tuition raise, GISA moving out of the petals, unige-IHEID link and the no-picnic.
Fair Internship Initiative: 
Given your votes in GISA’s public support of the FII, I would meet with the coordinators of the initiative and other organizations to make our voices heard
Mental Health: 
Are you facing stress, anxiety, depression, impostor syndrome, burn-out, sleep deprivation? We need more in-house support and wider help. Since it was proposed in the Master Forum, I believe that a cooperation with the college Sismondi could be taken in consideration.
Overall Student welfare: 
The review and advancement of the student welfare started with the current board. It is unwise to critic without even knowing what is happening.
My plan? Provide relief through several extra activities. For instance, GISA already has some sports equipments. Also, why not videogames, karaokes, musical instruments? I am open to suggestions as well =)
Student support systems and anti-Harassment:
I will give full support for the Antenne H and raise awareness of their work, including the commission formed by students to deal with Harassment. I will give special attention to gender issues and work closely with the Gender dialogues.
Less emails with more information. Better use of channels we already have instead of making students download a new app. More: We need to get GISA closer to the students, promoting more ‘GISA in Campus’ and other measures.
More student spaces:
A higher level negotiation with the administration and foundation board to have the Maison de la Paix student-centered for the first time.
Additional Increase representativity for Disciplinary Programs, PHDs, improve GISA legacy for future boards and promote a Statute Reform in order to turn the election process more flexible and transparent, without giving advantages to any party, creating a GISA welcome manual.
About me and why you should vote for me:
Past commitment: 
I have been present in all Master Forums and General Assemblies, am engaged in several initiatives, took in the Cabaret. I showed my commitment since the very beginning of the academic year,
Experience as student representative
I am the Class Representative of the Master in International Law, and during my Bachelors, where I, among others, directed the project for the New Students Manual.
Professional experience
I have over 10 years of work experience, including:
  • Legal writing and decision making (5 years with legal activity and 3 years of judicial activity).
  • Legal administration of companies and associations (experience in drafting statutes)
  • Design and Communication (worked and created newspapers, magazines, posters, social media, blogs and websites)
Final remarks
Above all, I want my presidency to be imbued with the principles of friendship (we are all fellow students), transparency (GISA closer to the students and opening more channels), and, especially, teamwork. A President never works alone. Leadership is not something imposed but a quality that shall be exercised by all members. Together.
I do not want to make it a one man show or a Easter Bunny show. I truly support and trust the work of the new elected board and look forward to work with them.
And above all, I need your support. I want to make this the best presidency ever for GISA. We deserve it.

Best regards from your very bunny candidate,

André Sarli

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