GISA elects new Executive Board

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On May 14th, GISA elected a new Executive Board by filling the positions of President, and the new Executive Board positions of Vice President for Masters Programs, Vice President for PhD Programs, and Event Coordinator. GISA votes for a Treasurer and Communication Director in October. The new board is off and running, getting down to the business of representing student interests. Meet the new board:

President–Adam Hennings

My name is Adam Hennings, I’ll be serving as GISA President for the next year. I’m from Minnesota but spent the last few years based in Tucson, Arizona, where my husband works as a TV reporter. I’m finishing my first year of the MIA program. I’m so excited for the work that we’ll accomplish together over the next year. I believe our student association belongs to all students, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any thoughts or concerns on anything.



Vice President of Masters Programmes–Hana Pašić

Hello everyone! My name is Hana Pašić and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am a first year MIA student, and will be serving as GISA Vice President for Masters Programmes during the next academic year. Being the first Vice President for Masters Programmes is truly an honour, but also a great responsibility. My goal is to support the resolution of all our students’ academic concerns and challenges, so if you have any please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to collaborating with you!

Vice President of PhD Programmes–Jesse Sargent

My name is Jesse Sargent and I am a first year PhD student from the US in the Department of International History. I am very pleased with the opportunity to continue serving on GISA as Vice President of PhD Programmes. PhD students have historically been underrepresented in GISA, therefore one of my major goals will be to increase PhD participation in GISA. I am also committed to getting students the information they need and deserve to coordinate their studies. I hope to serve as a conduit for student concerns and advocacy at all levels!

Event Coordinator–Salmaa Elshanshory

Salaam y’all! My name is Salmaa Elshanshory. I am an Egyptian American from Texas. I will be pursuing my last year as master’s student in Development Studies. I am excited to be serving as the Event Coordinator next year! My goal is to bring the student body together on various occasions to help create new relationships and lasting memories. I am here to coordinate FABULOUS events, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments feel free to contact me.


Communication Director–Scott Andrews

Hello, IHEID. My name is Scott Vincent Andrews and I’m a first-year MIA student. I am originally from the suburbs of Los Angeles, but like many of my peers at IHEID my life has taken me all over the world. Many of you know me already as the guy who mercilessly spams your inboxes, but this is all part of a consistent and effective communications policy that I oversee and one that spans all GISA operations. I am very much looking forward to this coming year; Maison de la Paix will significantly raise the profile of our school and student body. Bring it on!


Treasurer–Eric Rashi

Hello! My name is Eric Rashi and I will be continuing to serve as GISA Treasurer until October. I am a second-year MIA student. A little about me: I am born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and I completed my undergraduate degree at McGill University. I went on exchange to Tsinghua University in Beijing this past semester. During my 2 years at the Institute, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation of GISA. I am extremely happy to welcome the new members to the Executive board in these exciting times and am confident that GISA today is in a much better position than ever before.

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