GISA Fall 2018 Elections – Call for Candidates

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GISA will be holding its annual Fall election for several positions on the executive board, please see the open positions below:

Vice President for PhDs:

This position is reserved only for PhD candidates. (Only PHD students may vote for the VP for PhDs).

Core Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the affairs of PhD students.

  • Working closely with PhD Class Representatives.

  • In charge of organising a PhD Forum per semester, which gives students the opportunity to express their suggestions and concerns.

  • Meetings with the administration to voice issues concerning PhD students and negotiate solutions.

  • Organize the PhD Research Share, a conference giving students the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from their peers.

Desired skills

  • Experience in organizing and planning activities, as well as set priorities.

  • Leadership

  • Excellent communication skills.


Core Responsibilities

  • Engages the Association in financial commitments.

  • Maintains an updated account of the Association’s financial resources.

  • Reimburses expenditures by the Executive Committee, the Representatives, and the various student initiatives;

  • Receives at least once per year requests for funding for student initiatives according to Article II of the GISA by-laws, Student Initiatives Support Policy; prepares a report to the Executive Committee summarizing these requests; and notifies student initiatives of their allocations;

  • Advises members of the Executive Committee, the Representatives, and various student initiatives regarding their funds and allocation;

  • Publishes, with the assistance of the Communication Director, reports on the funding decisions made relating to student initiatives;

  • Communicates with banks as necessary to maintain the accounts.

Desired skills

  • Excellent data management and coordination skills, knowledge using excel, ability to multitask and prioritize.

  • Excellent communication skills; proficiency in French is highly recommended.

  • Previous experiences on accounts management and fundraising will be a plus.

Communications Director

Core Responsibilities

  • Communicates events, initiatives, statements and notifications originating from GISA to the student body.

  • Assists student initiatives and representatives in promoting their events using resources available to the Association. Take photographs and live stream during certain events.

  • Takes and maintains minutes of certain meetings and during General Assembly.

  • Maintain the GISA website.

  • Manages and organizes the Association’s e-mail address, social media platform, and drafts monthly newsletters.

Desired Skills

  • Excellent communication, writing and editing skills in English. Proficiency in French is recommended.

  • Knowledge of wordpress, graphic design skills, and experience working with social media.

Administrative Coordinator

Core Responsibilities

  • Calls and takes minutes of the executive board’s weekly meetings, as well as other GISA events.

  • Serves as the moderator during elections and meetings.

  • Maintains the executive board’s cohesion and records GISA’s institutional memory.

  • Manages the document storage and archive of the Executive Committee and GISA.

  • Monitors the follow-up of Executive Committee decisions, agreements and working plan and permanent agenda items/service areas and communicates their progress to the President.

Desired Skills

  • Excellent reporting and organization skills.

  • Solid time-management abilities with the ability to prioritize tasks and be decisive.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills; proficiency in French is highly recommended.

Work with GISA is intense but rewarding, and will allow you to meet and work with many interesting people. Candidates should have sufficient time to dedicate themselves to the service of their fellow students. Due to these position’s workload, the elected candidate will be awarded a tuition waiver.

Election Timetable:


Date and Time

Nomination Period

From now until Sunday, October 7th 17:00, you may send your application to GISA. Please send your application of around 300 words and your photo to

The following candidate announcements will be realised in two batches; on Wednesday evening (October 3) and Sunday evening (October 7). Please give us sufficient time if you want your profile to be released, or it will be released in the next batch.


Monday, October 8th at 18:15 in room S5

Receive Ballots

Thursday, October 11th at 12:00

Voting – 25 hours

October 11th at 12:00 (midday) to October 12th at 13:00


Evening of October 12th

Mandate Begins

Friday October 19th, 2018 for one year

Electoral Rules:

·  Any full-time student of the institute may become a candidate for election (LLM and exchange students are excluded) on the condition that they are in Geneva for the majority of the academic year.

·  Candidates may approach board members for information regarding the position from here

, but members of the board may not aid in the election.

·  GISA’s funds cannot be used to support candidates, but candidates may use up to 150CHF of their own funds or from donations on their campaign if expenses are declared and itemised for scrutiny.

·  Candidates may advertise through posters, events, use of the internet and videos.

·  These electoral rules observe GISA’s statutes that can be found here:

GISA needs dedicated candidates in order to achieve the best for the Institute’s students, and we encourage as many people as possible to throw their hat into the ring. If you are in doubt, just go for it! You will learn a lot and meet many inspiring people just by being involved in the process.

We wish you the best of luck!

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