Isha Panwar – Candidate for Vice-President

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DSC_0145 (3)Hello!

I am Isha Panwar, a first year MDEV student from New Delhi/Dehradun, India. I would like to request your support for my candidacy for GISA’s Vice-President.

Women here are in greater numbers and I believe, like many of you, that they need to be represented in the Student Council, especially the Executive Committee.

  1. I propose to increase the interaction in the next year, between first and second year Master students, as well as organise coffee sessions (think, beyond a very formal forum) with PhD students for all those who wish to carry on their academic quest beyond the Master degree, and make the transition as smooth as possible.
  2. In a similar vein, I propose to introduce new Master students to stressful activities – course sign-ups, seeking a thesis supervisor, writing ‘academic’ papers, review/editing etc. – with our more experienced classmates who can hold sessions to guide and familiarize them through these processes.  
  3. I am very keen on introducing/ promoting measures that improve the quality of student life at the Institute including more accessible sessions- picnics, poetry readings, art sessions, trips to the mountains (welcome suggestions from those inclined to the outdoors), animal shelter visits, etc.
  4. For the newer students who will join us next semester, we need to ensure a warm welcome and integrate them within the student community.      
  5. I take the greater student experience seriously, and especially health (physical and mental) issues. We need to take wellness seriously and this can be integrated in the activities mentioned earlier (3).   

I intend to work closely with class representatives of the Master courses and institute regular meetings, needless to say.

You are welcome to reach out to me at You can find me on Facebook at Come meet me tomorrow (Friday, 12 May 2017) between 1300 and 1500 in the cafeteria or leave me a mail/message!  

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