Preparation workshops for Foundation Board meeting

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The workshops on decision-making and transparency took place last week and today; our discussions were productive and you can check the results in the relevant Google docs (see below). Tomorrow 22 October at 18:00 in the student space we are having the final preparatory workshop which will address the tuition hike point and then discuss all the issues together and the general GISA position and final document for the 31 October meeting with the Foundation Board! Come and join us.

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We are seeing very interesting developments and events at the Graduate Institute these days, some of which may be unprecedented. The initial, somewhat broad and unfocused, reaction to the increase in tuition fees has evolved into a more concrete and organized initiative to bring about change at our school. Perhaps the first (baby) step in this direction was the town hall meeting with Director Burrin of 19 September. The next important step is the upcoming 31 October meeting with the Foundation Board. This will be the perfect moment for students to communicate directly with the executive decision-making body of the Institute and voice their concerns, ideas, and opinions. In order to make the most of this unique opportunity, GISA is supporting workshops to prepare for the meeting and figure out a common strategy and approach. If you would like to get more involved (and you should!) then please join the Facebook event and follow our calendar here on the website. The system we have set up is based on three working groups which collaborate on a Google doc which outline our strategy for the meeting; the three priority points are 1) decision-making process, 2) transparency, and 3) tuition hike (links lead to the relevant Google docs; the general folder with some additional information is here). The next workshop is scheduled for today, Thursday 16 October, at 14:00 in the student space and the discussion point will be the “decision-making process”. Hope to see you there!

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