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The Welfare Committee of the Graduate Institute

The Welfare Committee is established as a specialized committee of the Graduate Institute Student Association (hereafter “GISA”) to promote the welfare, mental health and health of the students of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (hereafter “the Institute”).

The Committee is formed initially through a mandate given by the General Assembly of the Graduate Institute Student Association. Thus the Committee ultimately the will of the General Assembly.

Purpose of the Welfare Committee

    1. The Committee is tasked with representing and advocating student interests to Institute administration as it relates to health, mental health, student welfare, and other related issues. This includes, but is not limited to, advocating for adequate funding and staffing to best meet the overall welfare needs of students.
    2. The Committee serves as a specialized committee of GISA. As such it is expected to make regular reports regarding student opinion and current welfare concerns of students. The Committee should seek out and survey student opinion in an inclusive and comprehensive way such that all student viewpoints and needs may be taken into account and represented to Institute Administration in an accurate and complete manner.
    3. The Committee will plan and execute, in consultation with the Institute or independently, innovative programming to support student welfare. The Committee will serve as the main conduit of coordination between students, GISA, the student support and various organs related to student health and welfare in the institute.

Please refer here for the statute of Welfare Committee.

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