Bible Study Initiative

The Bible Study Initiative warmly welcomes students to discover the Bible in the weekly studies and other related events.


The mission of the Bible Study Initiative, founded in 2012, is to provide a space for finding out what the Bible says about Jesus of Nazareth, thereby addressing the most fundamental and urgent questions in life. It is a forum for sincere inquiry for interested students from all backgrounds.


The weekly Bible study is held on Thursdays at 18:15 in the common room of the Picciotto Student Residence, and introductory Bible studies can be held throughout the year. Furthermore, social gatherings, such as dinners and movie nights are part of the agenda as well.

The Bible Study initiative collaborates with Groupes Bibliques des Ecoles et Universités de Suisse (GBEU) which will organise a series of talks at the University of Geneva, 14th -17th November. The Bible Study Initiative participated in organising the conference in 2015.


P1: studying the Bible in our weekly meetings





P2: Slavko Hadzic giving a talk in the Big Questions conference in November 2015




Contact us

In order to remain updated and in case of any inquiries, do not hesitate to send a message to Laura Taylor (


The Bible Study Initiative wishes you a blessed academic year!


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