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The Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) is a Geneva based Non Governmental Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Run entirely by students, its aim is to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations by giving students a chance to participate in educative events. GIMUN organizes many different events throughout the year. From year to year, these activities have been developed in order to fulfil the ideal of GIMUN as a permanent platform that young people can use to discuss international affairs, the role of the United Nations and its values.


How Can You Take Part?

GIMUN is always looking for people to help co-organise our events, take photos or videos during our events, organise PR events, that do graphic and web design and people that help our finance director with fundraising. If you are interested in joining our working groups, you can contact us on and tell us in which group you’d like to be part of – events, PR or finances – and send us your CV! We also post vacant positions on our website and on our social media.


We are of course always looking for people that take part in our events and activities such as:


  • UN Day in the end of October
  • The GIMUN Annual Conference at the Palais des Nations, end of March of every year
  • The events that we organise together with Greycells
  • International UN Day in the spring semester
  • International Geneva during summer break
  • GIMUN’s annual study trip during the Summer


If you have never heard of MUNs and you are curious on how it works, we also organise an MUN Delegation training for MUN beginners, where we teach you how to become a great delegate. The MUN Delegation meets once a week for six weeks and then represents GIMUN at an MUN Conference abroad or in Switzerland. Applications are usually open in the beginning of the semester.


For people that have either participated in our MUN Delegation or that have previously participated in an MUN Conference, we are also organising the Permanent Delegation for experienced delegates. We are sending the delegation to conferences all over the world to represent GIMUN abroad. Interested? Applications are always open, so send your MUN CV and a motivation letter to


We also have a online-journal called “UN, You Know!?” that allows students to express their opinions on international affairs, and acquire information on different UN-related topics by attending UN conferences thanks to our accreditations. We are always looking for editors, journalists and translators. Interested? Send your CV and a motivation letter to


Check us out online!



Twitter: @officialgimun

Instagram: #officialgimun


Questions? Contact us:

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