Welcome to the IHEID running group – IHEID Runs!

We organize weekly runs for anyone interested in staying fit and healthy while meeting new people with the same enthusiasm for running.

Our weekly runs are on Thursdays. We offer two runs on Thursdays to accommodate for people with conflicting schedules. One run at 8am and one run at 6pm – at least one of the organizers will be present during each run. During the run we will accommodate for differing speeds and lengths – please never feel intimidated to attend. Running is for everybody! You can pick your favorite timeslot, but don’t forget: Thursday = Runday!

Once a month we will also organize shared dinners, where people can get to know each other a little better and also exchange tips about sport and health more generally. Having a healthy diet while studying is just as important to students productivity as it is to athletes, so we hope you can utilize this group not only for exercise but also for sharing health and nutrition advice.

In addition, we will post lists of all the marathons going on in Europe over the course of the academic year. Of course, one of our biggest events will be the annual Geneva Marathon in May, which we will be organizing a team for. Last year we organized for 75 IHEID students to run in the Geneva Marathon and together we raised over €5,000 for a hospital that performs fistula operations in Goma, DRC.

Running is one of the cheapest and most spontaneous sports you can do in Geneva. It also gives your head lots of fresh air, and your body that essential physical challenge that is key to maintaining concentration when you have to knuckle down with academic reading and assignments.

Welcome to the community!

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