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The Language Café takes advantage of the huge number of languages spoken at IHEID  and brings together students of all backgrounds to practice a language. Each Language Café event lasts 2.5 hours—30 minutes to set up tables and provide enough time for linguistically compatible partners to find each other, then one hour is dedicated to the first language, and another hour to the second. There are beverages and snacks.

Background Info

It was founded in Autumn 2012-13 and did not have much time to change. Once it took place outdoors due to good weather.

Summary of Events

There were 5 meetings in the first semester, and 2 meetings in the second semester. For each meeting the budget allocated was 30 CHF, but all the money was not used since there were always some leftovers from previous weeks. The attendance was a lot less in the second semester (about 5-6 people), but in the first semester we sometimes had up to 15 people. Usually, it fluctuated between 6 to 12.

Other Activities

Some people continued to have meetings outside Language Café meetings to practice languages.


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