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About us

Rainbow Students is a student initiative, created in June 2017, that exists to create a safe, welcoming, and intellectually engaging space for all queer* students and their allies at the Graduate Institute.

Rainbow Students cooperates closely with the GISA Welfare Committee, the IHEID Gender Dialogues, and the Human Rights, Gender and Alterity Summer School in Geneva.


The mission of the Rainbow Students is to:

  • Give queer issues a visible presence on the Graduate Institute’s campus.
  • Provide a space for people identifying with different sexual and gender identities to meet socially and offer each other mutual support.
  • Provide information regarding queer services and support available to Graduate Institute students living in Geneva.
  • Engage in local, national and international initiatives aimed at supporting queer people and ending discrimination based on sexual and/or gender identities.
  • Provide a contact point within the Institute for anyone interested in queer issues.
  • Create a space for discussion of queer issues
  • Support the activities of queer-related organisations in Geneva.

Our activities involve:

  • Organising informal social events.
  • Publicising queer events taking place in Geneva
  • Hosting activities aimed at challenging prejudice and ending discrimination against people based on sexual and/or gender identities and promoting greater acceptance.

* Queer people include, but are not limited to, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, pansexuals, questioning people, trans people, intersex people, people with non-binary gender identities, and asexuals. Friends (or “allies”) of queer people are also warmly welcome to join in all activities.”

Check us out online or get in touch via email!

Link to facebook page

Contact us:

Nino Freuler nino.freuler@graduateinstitute.ch 



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