Student Initiative on Asia (SIA)

Total number of members: 31…and growing

Core members:
o President: Amal Shahid
o Treasurer: Kalyanee Paranjape
o Communications: Agathe Schwaar and Kalyanee Paranjape
o Events and Logistics: Kaoru Inoue

  • List of events 2017-18
    • Diwali [Oct 21,2017]
    • Sushi-making Party [Nov 17, 2017]
    • Chinese New Year [Feb, 2018]
    • Film Screening with the Consulate of Japan [22 Feb 2018]
    • Asian Night: Karaoke Party [March 2018]
    • Asian Cinema Series with FIFOG: Film Screening and Debate [April 2018]
    • Ambassador Dialogue Seminar [TBD]
  • About SIA

The Student Initiative on Asia, or SIA, is the premier organization of The Graduate Institute Geneva that caters to all students from Asia and those who have a great interest in the Asian heritage, language, and culture. SIA, being one of the most active student initiatives in Geneva, serves as an avenue for students and like-minded individuals to further their understanding on Asia and to network and collaborate with projects and activities for the development and deeper appreciation of the Asian society in general. Now on its fourth year, SIA comprises of 31 permanent members and is currently home to students from all over the world.

  • History

The organization was founded in March 2013 as a result of the discussions amongst individuals who have had significant experiences in Asia: those who have worked and lived temporarily in Asia, and those students who are nationals of Asian countries. Recognizing the need to promote and streamline events, talks and other activities focusing on Asia at the Graduate Institute, SIA was eventually founded.

  • Events

SIA both works at the level of development and culture. As such, the organization makes sure that all of its activities are in line with its goals of fostering camaraderie among its members and the development of the Asian society. Three of the flagship projects that SIA implement annually are the: (1) ‘Ambassador Dialogue Seminar’ where an ambassador from any of the Asian countries is invited to talk about the current situation in the Asian region and its position in the international community, the (2) ‘Asian Night,’ which serves as a welcome party for the SIA members and students of the Graduate Institute and the (3) “Asian Cinema Series” which showcases films in Asia of international and social relevance. Our events attract audience from all over Geneva, with an average of 200 people attending our main events.


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