Our Mission

To make sure all students have the richest student experience possible during their years at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Our Activities

In accordance with our Statute, the main activities of the Association are to:

  1. represent students in front of the various bodies in and out of the Institute
  2. promote friendly relations between the students and the Institute.
  3. promote intellectual debate
  4. promote cultural and athletic activities
  5. support the activities organized by the different autonomous student associations
  6. manage the facilities of the association, or collectively entrusted by the Institute to the students, and
  7. communicate with our members frequently and in a transparent manner.

This means we work together to make sure that:

  • academic concerns of students at the Institute are adequately addressed
  • a diverse array of social and cultural activities are available for all students
  • we communicate effectively and constantly with all Institute officials, faculty, and staff, and
  • we promote students exchange as much as possible to foster a collegial and fun environment in and outside of the classroom

Who we are

All students registered in a two-year master’s programme or in a doctoral programme at the Graduate Institute are Members of the Association.

As a member, you are welcome to:

  • come to our student activities, attend our parties, and participate in our discussions
  • enhance the life of the Institute by proposing a new student initiative and apply for funding
  • represent your classmates’ interests and concerns as a class representative
  • represent your classmates’ interests as an executive committee member
  • come to our GAs and shape the future of our association!

Our engagement

We collaborate and disseminate easy-to-access information through an executive committee team, class reps, and students in general. Come to GISA meetings to find out more.

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