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The Alumni and Career Services Committee will continue building upon existing objectives and strategies for the 2015-2016 academic year. Through innovative programming and cooperation with students, GISA, the Institute’s career services personnel, and alumni, the Committee supports student career development in a range of fields that incorporates the career goals and aspirations of all Institute students and all career fields related to academic programs at the Institute. It fosters stronger ties between current students and alumni, helping bridge the gap between student life and entering the professional world.

The Committee aims to develop relevant and enjoyable events throughout the academic year according to the interests of the current student body.

For general inquiries, please e-mail:

President: Aarin Shapiro

IHEID Career Services and Work Opportunities

The small but dedicated team in Career Services and Alumni Relations at IHEID is located on Petale 1, Level 4 with the other administrative offices. They offer career counseling services (guidance, CV and cover letter review, interview advice), maintain a job board, organize the Conexions career forum, and more.

It is important to note that the jobs posted on the job board are only those that employers send to the Career Services office (some exclusively for IHEID students, others public); the staff does not search for positions to advertise. Because of the limited number of postings, we recommend that you complement your job hunt by searching on your own using the sites listed below (among others).

IHEID Career Services organizes the annual Conexions Career Forum that takes place in March. It involves a gathering of dozens of employers to share information about their workplace and how students can apply for internships and other jobs. It is important to note that the event is not a recruitment fair and the employers bring few positions to offer students during the event. However, it is a good opportunity to compare employers and make contacts that might lead to a work opportunity in the future.

There are some work opportunities for students at the Institute itself: casual help with events, part-time work at the Library, and part-time work with different administrative departments. Contact IHEID Career Services for more information on these opportunities, particularly students who are financially desperate for work.

The various Research Centres and Programmes of IHEID also frequently look for part-time researchers. Their jobs are usually posted on the IHEID Career Services jobs board.

The Career Services team can be reached at

Websites for Job Searching


Human Rights Careers:
UN Career:
UN Jobs:
UN Careers:


CAGI (International Gevena Welcome Centre):
Geneve internationale: (search Geneve):

Useful Facebook Groups (especially for Geneva)

IHEID Job Network
GIA (Geneva Interns Association)
UN Intern Network Geneva (UNING)
Jobs in Geneva

General Tips on the Geneva Job Market

Finding work in Geneva can be a complicated task. Despite the abundance of NGOs, IOs, and the UN offices in the city, many students (even at the Masters level) are disappointed to learn that most internships are unpaid (or paid a very small stipend). It can be discouraging (especially for students who already have extensive work experience) to compete for (often unpaid) entry-level internships. Both paid and unpaid internships are generally quite competitive – however, we consistently hear from employers that IHEID students are very strong candidates, and we each have something unique to offer. There are many students at IHEID who do obtain paid part-time or full-time employment during their studies in Geneva, so there is hope!

Feel free to reach out to IHEID Career Services for a contact with a specific employer you’re interested in. It’s usually more successful to email a real person (rather than a general administrative address). And never underestimate the power of your Graduate Institute email signature when reaching out to employers.

If you are interested in a particular employer who does not have public postings for internships or jobs, sending a “cold application” with your CV and explaining your interest in working with them is often a wise strategy.

Work Permits for Geneva

Articles and News on Professional Development

Career Advise: How to build your ‘LinkedIn Profile’ by Jerome Duberry  

Conferences and Other Opportunities

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