Chi Xu – Candidate for President

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Dear friends, classmates, comrades, 

I invite you all to usher in a new era of IHEID community; I urge you to challenge the establishment, to take power.
1, I shall abolish GISA presidency as it is today.
   You are all capable of leading (or if not, you will need to learn leadership by practice), that’s why we need each of you to act as leaders. 
    Once in power, I shall reform GISA institution.
    Each of you has equal opportunity to become president for EVERY three weeks, selected randomly.
    Three secretaries will have no substance of power. They do not propose initiatives, they do not get any material remuneration (no more tuition waiver for instance)… But they shall carry out all logistic and organizational responsibilities.
    They shall remain strictly your humble servants.
3,  From now on, you shall control your civil servants.
     Any civil servant— president or secretary— can be revoked.
     If you are unsatisfied with their service, all you have to do is gather 40% of students’ voice, and they will have to leave their functions immediately, without excuse or objection.
4,   In order to construct a more solid student body, and to build up real citizenship/comradery within our republic (in its original sense, meaning “public good”), voting will be mandatory
      You will have the obligation to cast your vote, otherwise (non-exercice of your political obligation for several times, with the exception of material incapability), you shall have no right to exercise any GISA function or receive any collective support from GISA.
5,    Initiatives will lose any right to control their membership. 
       If you are running an initiative, you cannot refuse applications of candidates. 
6,     Student-run initiative against sexual harassment will not receive any funding or support from GISA.

        Because sexual harassment will be brought directly to police and justice, punished in the most severe ways possible. Lawyer fee and translator fee will be provided by GISA.
7,      Ventilation, plantation, cafétariat prices, etc. are all crucial issues to be addressed by the entire community together
         Unified and uniform collective actions matter more than anything in negotiation with different institutions.

         Whatever the assembly’s decisions are, we have the unconditional obligation to respect and support the community’s decisions over these matters.
In short, I shall abolish monarchy/presidential system of GISA, and establish a parliamentary regime in its place.

I invite you all to take the power, but above all, I offer you a genuine adventure into the future, to explore and test the limit of your potential. 

We all came to the IHEID for different reasons, and we should work together to bring out the best of each other. Nobody is born to be led, you all have a leader inside you. Thus everyone deserves to learn leadership, through practice.

Lives the republic, and lives democracy,

With friendship and comradery,

yours sincerely,

Chi XU


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