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The public transportation in Geneva is comprised of trams, city buses, water shuttle boats (“mouettes”) that connect the right and left banks of the lake and local trains that connect some outlying areas to the centre. These vehicles circulate frequently and are generally on time. Single trip tickets can be purchased from machines at most of the bus/tram stops and in some buses. The standard ticket costs CHF3.00 and is valid for one hour (you can get the discounted rate at CHF 2.00 with a half-price train card – see “Train” section below).

You can also purchase a monthly pass:

  • At Gare Cornavin (the main train station) for CHF 70.-. (Its CHF 45 for students below the age of 25)
  • To buy the monthly pass please consult this page for further information.
  • This pass can be renewed as many times as you like. Please check here the procedure.
  • For all the information you need to get around Geneva and the surrounding area; from schedules, travel cards, prices and the different services available to tips and advice on how to travel for less, consult the Transport Publics Genève (TPG).


Trains in Switzerland are clean, fast, always on time but quite expensive. However, if you know you are planning to travel a lot by train you can obtain significant reductions. The half-fare travel card is the most common way to benefit from reduced rates. It costs 185CHF and will allow you to purchase train tickets in Switzerland for half the regular price for one year.


Taxis are relatively expensive; you cannot hail them in the street. You can only take them at taxi stops at the airport/train stations or other designated areas around town, or call: +41 22 331 41 33 (Taxi phone).

Alternatively, you can download taxi apps like Uber/Katan which provide taxi service over the internet on phone.

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