The Antenne H  is a Committee of trained and dedicated individuals who can act as a first point of contact for students and staff experiencing any form of harassment. It is composed by students, professors and members of the administration who have signed confidentiality agreements and have followed training and refresher courses on handling sensitive issues and developing listening and counselling skills. Antenne H is not a disciplinary body, but rather a place to be heard and to receive information and support.


All members of the Institute’s community who have experienced any type of harassment are  encouraged to report it by filling this form. This can be done anonymously and does not imply that you must discuss your experience any further if you don’t want to.

Their members can be contacted individually. They will offer support and guidance in complete confidentiality. They can also advise you by clarifying which options are available to facilitate resolution.

More information can be found on the Antenne-H page.

External resource on Guide to Harassment can be found HERE