Black Conversations (BC) is a student organization created by Black students for Black students within Geneva. It was officially launched in January of 2020, by Diandra Dillon and Teathloach ‘Teal’ Nguot. The primary aim is to provide a safe space to facilitate Black thought. This organization acts as a unifying platform for Black students to discuss development, unity, social status, and other issues concerning Black people worldwide. There is tremendous wealth, intelligence, diversity, and potential within the Black race and in Black countries. However, these factors are generally not recognized or are disregarded by most members of society.  As such, there is a need for spaces where Black students can be honest in their discussion of the issues that may affect their communities and have real consequences on people who look like them. Through discourse held at the IHEID or other locations, a multi-layered perspective will be provided for the future leaders and influencers of the African diaspora. IHEID promotes a critical understanding and accumulates best practices for development issues in International Relations.  BC aims to supplement a vital element that is missing from many classroom discussions in Development and International Relations Studies. Thus, members of BC combine their real-life experiences with academic scholarships to have fruitful discourse on how its members will shape the future of policies impacting the Black community. Since many Black communities around the world are considered underdeveloped, it is pertinent that the individuals most affected have a voice and a comfortable space to discuss our global predicament. 


Social Media: IG: black_conversations; Facebook: Black Conversations