Executive Committee

President | Alexa-Rae Burk

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 13h-15h


Alexa-Rae Burk (she/her- elle) was raised in Seattle WA USA and holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Seattle Pacific University. She went on to obtain her MA in International and Global History from Aarhus University, Denmark. She is here in Geneva with her husband and 2.5-year-old daughter. She is a doctoral candidate of International History at the institute. Her academic interests deal with the history of humanitarian propaganda, the neocolonialist role of humanitarians during the process of decolonization, with her dissertation on what has been a longstanding passion for studying the international labour movement and the processes of global capitalism. She enjoys cooking, reading, painting, activism, roaming parks, listening to music, and talking with her husband every night (a ritual they have kept up since they were 16 years old).

VICE PRESIDENT FOR MASTERS Programmes | Massimiliano Massini

Office Hours: Upon request


Massimiliano (he/him-il) (Max or Massi if it’s easier to pronounce), was born in Rome and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development and International Cooperation from the University of Bologna. He is currently enrolled in the interdisciplinary Master’s in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute, with a specialisation in Power, Conflict and Development. His main academic interests concern the intersection between violence and social marginalisation and the role played by state institutions in the emergence of conflict. When he is not reading or jabbering about this, he loves climbing and cooking. Reach out to him in the Cité Universitaire, the library or around Maison de la Paix, in Picciotto Common Room during GISA office hours or by email at gisa.vp.master@graduateinstitute.ch.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR Doctoral Programmes | Amber Jitts

Office Hours: Drop in on Fridays between 12PM to 1PM (virtual) or upon request


Amber (she/her- elle) has lived on four continents (Australia, North America, Africa, and Europe), and now lives in Geneva with her husband and two small children. Amber is pursuing her PhD in International Relations (with an interdisciplinary interest in International Law) with a focus on the global governance of small arms and light weapons. Amber is committed to building a better community for all students at the Institute and has an open door policy! Amber is friendly and approachable, and would be honored to advocate for any and all of you on these or any issues that matter to you. Please pop by and say hello… or, in these times of social distancing, drop her a line to arrange a video call.


Office Hours: Upon request


Luise (she/her-elle) was born and raised in Hamburg/ Germany and obtained her Bachelor of political- and educational science at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. During her Bachelor studies, she particularly enjoyed and valued the intimacy, familiarity, but also engagement that small universities––same as the Graduate Institute––offer. She particularly enjoys playing beach volleyball and card/ board games. Traveling, concerts (especially intimate pop-up concerts), theatre, as well as photography, and museums are what inspires her. At the IHEID, she is studying the MA of Development studies. As treasurer of GISA, she wants to be open and accessible, so feel free to reach out to her – not only concerning budgeting-issues.


Office Hours: Upon request


Romina (she/her-elle) was born in Patagonia Region in Argentina and obtained her law degree from the University in Buenos Aires’ School of Law. She is specialized in International Public Law, International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law. Before starting her studies at the Graduate Institute, she worked in education and justice sector in Argentina. While she was an IHEID Master Student in International Law (2018-2020) she was class rep of her cohort (second year), she co-coordinated the Salsa Fever Initiative, and was member of LANI. She has been admitted as PhD Student in International Law (2020-2024). She loves to converse and spend time with her family and friends; to help and connect people; to dance tango and salsa, to travel, and to discover tea shops. As GISA Events Coordinator she plans, coordinates, and organizes the social GISA events held each semester together with the Initiatives and Committees; and she assists in planning additional academic events.

Administrative coordinator | Ali Eddy

Office Hours: in-person or virtual upon request


Ali (she/elle) holds a bachelor’s in Peace and Global Studies and has worked in different aspects of the food system, as a farm crew member, in food waste and on democracy activism and research.  She is pursuing a Master’s in International Affairs: Environment, Resources and Sustainability, and her research interests are around food and seed sovereignty movements. Ali loves to bake and cook, and when the opportunity arises to help out in a garden, go into the mountains, or get as much nature time as possible. 

Feel free to email Ali any time.

Communications Coordinator | Daniela Salazar


Members representing Specialised Committees 




Office Hours: Upon request


Monideepa (she/her/elle) is a lawyer from Kolkata, India and is pursuing her Masters in International Law at the IHEID. Being a lawyer has given her the opportunity to be the voice of the people; to be their representative and to work for their betterment. She is a passionate advocate who will work hard to make sure that your grievances are addressed and your voices heard. 

Moni loves to cook and has a keen interest in sports nutrition as she was into powerlifting before the lockdown happened. She is also a movie buff and masters the art of cracking PJs too (poor joke). For her the only way to deal with stress is to have desserts! 

Moni hopes you will feel free to reach out whenever you want. She’s always there for you all!



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