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Board Members - GISA

Board Members

Our executive committee is made of the following people who regularly keep in touch with administration officials, class reps, and the students overall. It consists of permanent members as mandated by the GISA constitution, and ad-hoc members composed of the presidents of the GISA Specialized Committees that have been formally recognized by the General Assembly.

Kristin Klein

Kristin Klein President

since May, 2018

Kristin obtained her bachelor degrees in Economics (B.S)  and Political Science (B.A) from the University of Florida. She has several years experience working as an economic consultant in the private sector and in government. Her research interests include migration, refugee integration, and urbanization especially in the Middle East.

E-mail: gisa.president@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: Upon request

Cedric Amon

Cedric Amon Vice-President for Master Programmes

since May, 2018
Cedric graduated from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Law. He is a first year Master’s of International Affairs Candidate with a major in Global Security and is interested in issues related to internet governance and cybersecurity.
E-Mail: gisa.vp.master@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: Upon request
John W. Parker

John W. Parker Vice-President for PhD

since October, 2018

John holds a BA in International Studies from Baylor University in Texas and an MA in International Affairs from the School of International Service at American University in Washington, D.C. He is a first-year PhD Candidate in the International History Department. His hobbies include curating his collection of Japanese handicrafts, listening to songs in languages he cannot understand, contemplatively dining alone, and aimless wandering. 

E-mail: gisa.vp.phd@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: upon request

Srivedant Kar

Srivedant Kar Communications Director

Since October 2018

Srivedant Kar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. With a background in journalism, he has interned at the United Nations and led DU Beat-the largest campus newsletter of India as its Associate Editor. He is also the co-founder of the SDG Society, a not for profit which works for SDGs in India. He is currently in her first year of Master’s of International Affairs with a major in Global Security.

E-mail: gisa@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: Upon Request

Elodie Feijoo Seara

Elodie Feijoo Seara Treasurer

Since October, 2018

Elodie holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva and is now pursuing a Master in Development Studies. She is passionate about water and particularly about its role and protection in armed conflict.

E-mail: gisa.treasurer@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: Upon Request

Anna Zampa

Anna Zampa Events Coordinator

since May, 2018

Anna holds an LL.B in European Law from the University of Maastricht. She is currently enrolled in the International Affairs masters and her main interest is the responsibility of the private sector towards society and the environment.

E-mail: gisa.events@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: Upon request

Sunaina Bambra

Sunaina Bambra Administrative Coordinator

Since October, 2018

Sunaina graduated with a bachelors in Political Science from Hindu College, University of Delhi, India. Thereafter, she taught children in a government school in Delhi for two years, under the Teach for India fellowship. She is currently in her first year of Master’s of Development Studies with a major in Mobilities, Space and Cities. She is interested in Gender, Migration and also loves to talk about political issues of the South.

E-mail: gisa.admin@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: upon request

Specialised Committees

Gianluca Gygax

Gianluca Gygax President of Environmental Committee

since February 2018

Gianluca holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from University of Zurich. He is now pursuing the Master in International Affairs with a focus on environmental governance and international cooperation. Besides his studies he works as a magician and loves to be in the mountains.

E-mail: gisa.ec@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: upon request

Rebecca Brokbals

Rebecca Brokbals President of Welfare Committee

since April, 2018

Rebecca holds a Bachelor degree in International Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is now pursuing a Master in International Affairs with a major in Global Security.

E-mail: gisa.welfare@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: upon request

Roberta Maggi

Roberta Maggi Manager of Graduation Party Committee

since June, 2018

Roberta Maggi is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations/Political Science at the Institute. In her first year, she was an active member of the Graduation Committee, the Environmental Committee, and the Graduate Press. Prior to her time at IHEID, she graduated from King’s College London with a degree in International Relations in 2017. Her work mostly focuses on security issues in contemporary Libya. Roberta speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish.

E-mail: gisa.graduation@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: upon request

Michèle Ndedi

Michèle Ndedi President of Professional Development Committee

since March 2018

Michèle holds a Bachelor in International Relations from the University of Southampton. She is currently pursuing a master degree in Development Studies and her main interest is in the Education and Skills Development sector.

E-mail: gisa.pdc@graduateinstitute.ch
Office Hours: upon request

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