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May the Forest be with you!


Environmental issues are increasingly presenting an immense challenge to the entire world, issues that “leaders of tomorrow” will especially need to engage with. This is why the Graduate Institute lends a great focus to such subjects as to adequately prepare its students to take on these challenges. The Environmental Committee, founded in 2010, is the students’ environmental association that brings together students interested in sustainability and environmental issues to give voice to these issues within the Institute. All students are encouraged to get involved, regardless of program, semester or level of experience.

“May the forest be with you“

What We Do

➢ Sustainable events
The EC aims to be a major forum for environmental discussions both at the Institute and in international Geneva. We organize debates, panel talks, excursions, film screenings and other events that raise awareness about environmental issues and provide opportunities for constructive dialogue and networking. The Environmental Committee has been engaging students in numerous activities since its start-up, including participating in Sustainability Week, Geneva Peace Week and more. Over the years, a wide range of international experts and leaders in the environmental field have participated in EC events. Furthermore, the EC offers incoming students welcome activities in Geneva, for example an organic wine tasting tour or a sustainable city walking tour.

➢ Sustainable institute
We work for a greener campus together with the administration, the city of Geneva and the cafeteria services. Our projects include improved recycling, the installation of proper bicycle racks, and continuous dialogue with the cafeteria to accommodate sustainability standards, i.e. proper food waste management and eco-friendly menus. Top universities across the globe are already well aware of their own footprint, IHEID should be no exception.

➢ Sustainable curriculam
The EC works towards making sustainability a greater focus in the curricula of Masters programmes and in individual courses by working collaboratively with professors, academic directors and the Center for International Environmental Studies. Climate change and other environmental issues pose numerous threats to future generations and many courses at the Graduate Institute are only starting to, for example, highlight the connections between economic activities and the environment. Still, there is a need for students to have greater exposure to sustainability issues and relevant concepts and theories.

➢ Sustainable lifestyle
With the hopes of engaging everyone, we seek to raise awareness about everyday behaviour and activities that concern our own health, wellbeing and ecological impact. The Environmental Committee advocates for responsible lifestyles, through activities such as the One World Challenge, but also through sustainable food and clothing initiatives like flea markets. SCOOP, for example, is an EC food cooperative that brings organic foods at reduced prices from local farmers directly to campus, once a week.

➢ Sustainable networking
Living in Geneva can be a great opportunity for anyone interested in sustainability, and the Environmental Committee continues to connect people from different backgrounds to share experiences and learn more about Geneva as an environmental hub. We partner with other initiatives at the Institute and in Geneva to put together conferences, panels, movie showing and more. Moreover, the Environmental Committee is part of the Swiss Federation of Sustainable Development Student Associations. This umbrella organization offers an opportunity for students at the Institute to travel across Switzerland and connect with other students with similar interests.

Some EC initiatives, events and member orgs. Last two are Sustainability Week Switzerland and Swiss Association of Student Organisations for Sustainability.