Dear fellow IHEID community,

Welcome to week two of GISA’s Gender and Diversity Month

Thank you all for your participation and engagement in last week’s events. Thank you to the wonderful initiatives who put on the events, you all are amazing! Here’s our second Monday morning announcement below featuring the events this week, and most importantly, their access/registration links. Mark your calendars and participate! Reminder to look ahead here’s at the calendar of events.

Welfare Committee: Nov 16th, 6pm

In celebration of Gender and Diversity month here at the Institute, the Welfare Committee presents “Discovering Diversity” – an online treasure hunt organized for the students of our community. This event will test your knowledge about gender and diversity. And don’t worry! You won’t have to do this alone. You will be matched with a mystery partner who will help you out! The event will be followed by an interesting discussion over wine and drinks. So grab your laptops and glasses, and join us on this journey of learning about each other and our cultures!
Rules: You will have to solve 8 clues under a fixed amount of time. The final clue of the treasure hunt unlocks the door to a fun-filled evening of conversations and more! 

Find the link to register here


Seminar: Situated Feminist Performances: gender studies, race and (post)coloniality, headed by prof. Karina Bidaseca (Arg.).  

Join online, through zoom meeting here. 

ID meeting: 970 1120 0954

Access code: 753249

Facebook event here.

The Gender Center and the Doctoral Programme in Gender Studies, as part of the CUSO Workshop “Interdisciplinary debates on the triade class, race and imperialism and forgotten pieces” and the Diversity Month organizers, invite you to join us in this refreshing talk headed by prof. Karina Bidaseca about the Situated Feminist Performativies: gender studies, race and (pos)coloniality. Prof Bidaseca is from Argentina and founded the NUSUR (South-South Nucleus of postcolonial Studies, Performances, Afro-diasporic Identities & Feminisms) at IDAES/University of Gral. San Martin. She is also professor at University of Buenos Aires & Coordinator of South-South Program (CLACSO). Her research interests are: Decolonial & intersectionality feminism, postcolonial studies & racial critical theory, aesthetics & feminist performances, Global South Epistemologies (Latin America & Caribbean, Africa & Middle East). We will have a presentation (25 minutes) followed by Q&A (15 minutes). 


MDRI: The cost of menstruation The luxurious price of hygienic products (WEBEX conference) November 19th at 4.15pm!

For the gender diversity month, MDRI would like to invite you to talk about menstruation and especially period poverty. Period poverty is a real phenomenon that affects women and girls all over the world, even in Switzerland. Access to sanitary products and manage menstruation without shame is essential for anyone who menstruates. Our two guests will be @birsukaraarslan president of the feminist collective and Marina Plesons, a WHO experts. @clara_danbakli98 and Alice Marechal @alicemrcl would be happy to host this conference.

Here is the registration link (also in our bio):

So prepare your questions and see you next Thursday on WEBEX!😊 


QISA & HCRP Nov 22nd 6pm

To commemorate GISA Gender & Diversity Month, QISA and HRCP are proud to present a global conversation on LGBTQ+ and Human Rights, with guest speakers from across the world to discuss the legal situation and every-day experiences of queer individuals and the queer rights movement as a whole. We hope to see you there! 🌈


Meeting number (access code): 174 086 9826

Meeting password: MswANp5PZ87_________________________________________________   

The Graduate Press: Journalism 101 Workshop

This workshop aims to provide necessary introduction knowledge and know-how of journalism to the new cohort of The Graduate Press writers in particular, and IHEID students who are interested to learn more about the art of journalism in general.  Combining the wealth of expertise of our speakers who had experience, both as a professional journalist in the media industry and as a student journalist, we will try to explain how news media and journalist have adapted to the progress of technology over time, the importance of understanding cultural context on the issue we cover & where we do our reportage, and the contemporary challenge of journalism in the era of post-truth and disinformation.

When: November 20th, at 17h

Meeting link:

Meeting number: 174 760 1056

Password: wFAbV8NN2n5  _________________________________________________   

The Professional Development Committee 

Instagram Post every friday, for three weeks spreading awareness about harassment in the workplace. Theme for second week- Racism and Discrimination in the workplace. Also, a poll/quiz activity on pdc instagram story related to the same theme. For the G&D Month, PDC invites everyone to join us on our instagram page and have an interactive session. 

Instagram page-

Dear fellow IHEID community,

  Welcome to week one of GISA’s Gender and Diversity Month! Thank you all for your feedback, support, and critiques in making this happen. Every Monday morning for the next 3 weeks we will share with you the events, and most importantly, their access/registration links. Here’s our first Monday morning announcement below. Mark your calendars, participate, and let’s use this opportunity to deepen our connection as a community! Reminder to look ahead here’s the calendar of events.


Feminist Collective:

 November 10th, 2020- Virtual Movie Night

Join the Amicale Francophone and the Feminist collective for our virtual movie night on November 10th at 6 pm!

We’ll be screening L’Ordre Divin (in French with English subtitles), a 2017 Swiss comedy-drama film directed by Petra Volpe, which was a real success amongst the general public and critics alike. The fiction follows a young housewife in a small village in Switzerland and her fellow activists as they try to convince the men around them to vote in favour of women’s suffrage in the upcoming votation. 

And yes, you read this right, Swiss women only got the right to vote in 1971. Please register here.


MENA Initiative:

November 11th, 6 pm-830pm

This coming Wednesday evening, join us online for the screening of “For Sama.” Journalist and filmmaker Waad al-Kateab and her co-director sifted through 500 hours of her footage of the Syrian uprising resulting in this award-winning documentary. Al-Kateab filmed her life in Aleppo, recording the protests and violence that surged through the city, as well the intimate moments of her marriage to Hamza Al-Kateab, one of the last remaining doctors in Aleppo, her pregnancy, and the birth of her daughter, Sama. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion in which attendees will be most welcome. Register here to receive the event link on the day of the event:


IHEID Anti-Racist Coalition + Black Conversations:

November 11th, 20:15-21:45pm

Just beginning your journey as an ally? Or, want to refresh your mind on allyship? Join our workshop as we discuss some of the key ideas around being an anti-racist ally, and how to navigate some of the situations you’ll likely find yourself in during this (lifelong) journey. Please register here:

Webex Meeting link:

Meeting number: 174 211 9334

Password: ZWwyS3e3Ja4

Feminist Collective:

November 14th, 2020

The discussion will retrace the historical roots of the Feminist Movement, and its systematic erasure of black, indigenous and brown women’s experiences. We will talk about the perceived whiteness of the Suffragette movement, and the perceived sexual liberation of white women in the 60s and 70s, a time where women of color and indigenous women were being forcibly sterilized. Our historical overview will also touch upon the Metoo movement, which was overwhelmingly white despite being started by a black woman. Whxteness is an online platform run by Lisa and Iseult, two friends educating white people about race issues. You can find them on facebook and Instagram. Please sign up for the talk here.

WebEx Link:


Professional Development Committee: 

We are introducing an online Instagram campaign for G&D Month in November. We plan on creating awareness about workplace harassment through Polls/quizzes on the PDC story feature of Instagram. Our aim is to spread news and facts about workplace harassment through posters and visuals. Also attaching a few sample posters that have been created for the same. These will be posted on the PDC Instagram feed. 

Microaggression Campaign, November 9th


Anti-Racist Coalition: starting today until Nov 30th

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