Cherishing diversity!

G&D Events for the month of November:

Thursday, 31/10: Welcome Event, QISA

Venue: PCR (Piciotto Common Room)

Time: 19h 30

The opening welcome event would be hosted by QISA.

Friday, 1/11: Poetry Slam Announcement, FII

Saturday, 2/11: Día de Muertos, LANI x GradCom, 

Venue: AJF (Auditorium Jacques Fremond)

Time: 21h

Celebration of the Day of the Dead and Halloween- a blend of both the cultures put together and a costume party.  To read more about it, click here.

Monday, 4/11: G&D Photo Competition, The Graduate Press

Announcement of the Photo-competition on ‘Celebrating Diversity’.

Tuesday, 5/11: Discussions on Representation of G&D, Feminist Collective

Venue: S2

Time: 12h

Student-led discussion on representations of G&D, what G&D initiatives aim to do and how they can be improved.

Thursday, 7/11: Movie screening, TED Talk, Discussion, ASA

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

Movie title: The Hate u Give

The movie aims at understanding the problems of stereotypes and how these problems are transferred to younger ones or how they adopt these particular problems. The event would also be accompanied by debates and discussions on the questions which this movie presents to its audiences.

Friday, 8/11: Diversity, land, and rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil, LANI

Venue: A2

Time: 18:30h -20h

The event aims to discuss diversity and rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil, including the different narratives of integration and assimilation of indigenous persons in Brazil and Latin America more broadly. It will also tackle the importance of the territory for indigenous peoples and the additional challenges faced by them under the new administration in Brazil. The Panelists are Indigenous activist and academics and the moderator is Prof. Susanna Hetch, IHEID.  To read more about this event, click here.

Wednesday, 13/11: Cineclub: “A Quiet Inquisition”, LANI

Venue: Picciotto Common Room

Time: 18h – 21

Movie screening of “A Quiet Inquisition” on the theme of the right to abortion.

Synopsis: “At a public hospital in Nicaragua, OBGYN Dr. Carla Cerrato must choose between following a law that bans all abortions and endangers her patients or taking a risk and providing the care that she knows can save a woman’s life.” To read more about this event, click here.

Thursday, 14/11:

Microaggressions: A Critical Discussion.

Venue: TBC

Time: 16h 30-17h 30

Conversation, CTRG

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

Butler and Gender Performativity, a discussion moderated by Manon Beury, PhD in International Law

Friday, 15/11: 

Conversation, CTRG

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

Race, class, gender, and colonialism: Wallerstein, Balibar, Mbembe, a discussion moderated by Marko Saranovic, Masters in ANSO

Saturday, 16/11: Movie Night, SIA

Venue: PCR

Time: 19h

Movie: “Trivisa” takes you back to early 1997, when the East Asian city is overwhelmed by uncertainty about the transfer of sovereignty from Britain to China. The story is based on three real life notorious mobsters and their struggles in making a name for themselves. Known in the underworld as the “Three Kings of Thieves”, the three mobsters are plotting together to score a final hit during Hong‘s return to the motherland. Does an end of an era bring opportunities or impending doom?

Sunday, 17/11: Traditional Attire Week

To celebrate diverse cultures and costumes.

Monday, 18/11: Discussion, Feminist Collective

Venue: S4

Time: 18h30

Training with Antenne on harassment and discrimination. 

Tuesday, 19/11: “Quommon Room Chat”, QISA

Venue: PCR

Time: 18h

With guest working in International Geneva

Wednesday, 20/11: General Assembly

Venue: PCR

Time: 17h 45 onwards…

Thursday, 21/11:

G+D Conference

Venue: Auditorium A2

Time: 9h30-11h

Conference by Ms Siara ISAAC on the theme “Thinking fast and slower – mind hacks to reduce bias”

Women’s rights in Latin America, LANI

Venue: S5

Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Talk on the issue of Women Human Rights Standards in the Inter-American System, including abortion. The intervention by Prof. Mónica Pinto, University of Buenos Aires, and Prof. Nicole Bourbonnais, IHEID, will be followed by a Q&A session. To read more about this event, click here.

Friday, 22/11: Cinéma LGBTIQ+, QISA

Venue: PCR

Time: 19h 30

On Friday, November 22nd, at 7:30 PM, QISA will be hosting a screening of A Fantastic Woman (2017), a Chilean nomination for the 90th Academy Awards. A Fantastic Woman is a movie about Marina, a transgender woman who works as a waitress and moonlights as a nightclub singer, who is distraught over the death of her older boyfriend. Afterwards, we will have drinks, snacks, and a brief discussion of the film.

Saturday, 23/11: Libertadores Cup Final, LANI

Venue: PCR

Time: 21h30 – 24h

We will screen the final from the main football competition in South America: The Libertadores Cup. This year, for first time it will be a single match and it will be a great opportunity to enjoy this match all together. Competing for the title are Flamengo (Brazil) and River Plate (Argentina). To read more about this event, click here.

Monday, 25/11: 

G&D Photo-competition (Results)

Venue: Outside the cafeteria

Time: 10h30 to 16h

Includes voting by people walking by

Regional initiatives Potluck

Venue: PCR

Time: 5:30pm

An evening to celebrate the diverse cuisines across the globe

Thesis Brainstorm Session , Gender, Peace & Security Coalition

Venue: TBC 

Time: 15h30-17h

Tuesday, 26/11: 

Film Screening+ Panel Discussion, MENA Initiative

Venue: A2, followed by Reception in Petal 2

Time: 16h – 18h

Screening “Feminism Inshallah” – The event highlights and discusses the ongoing revolts taking place all over the region, through women’s fight for democracy and human rights for all.

Conference and discussion, CTRG

Venue: Auditorium AIB


With Dr. Tommy J. Curry. Topic: The Absent Subject: Towards a Theory of Black Male Experiences.

Panel Discussion: Parenting and the University, Parents Initiative

Venue: TBC

Time: 16h30-17h30

A panel discussion on the topic of ‘Parenting and the University’- with Alexa, Nicole, Diego.

Wednesday, 27/11: 

Photography Instagram exhibit:

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

Disability awareness, limitations in our spaces on campus

Workshop, CTRG

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

On Africana Philosophy with Dr. Tommy J. Curry (yet TBC)

Documentary screening, MI & Initiative for Detainees

Venue: S5

Time: 18h

“Vol spécial” on migrant detention in CH~  + discussion with Professors

Thursday, 28/11: Conference “The Latin American Contribution to International Law”, LANI

Venue: A2

Time: 18:30h – 20h

Conference “The Latin American Contribution to Public International Law” co-organized by the student initiative the Latin American Network Initiative (LANI) and the International Law Department. Speaker: Judge Antônio Cançado Trindade, International Court of Justice.

To read more about this event, click here.

Friday, 29/11: Poetry slam, FII

Venue: PCR

Time: 20h

Diversity is what makes societies stronger, and storytelling is what brings communities together. As part of the GISA ‘Gender and Diversity Month’ FII will be co-hosting a storytelling and slam poetry night to celebrate diversity in all its forms, whether it be diversity of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or even life experiences. Stories bring communities together, so come together with us to celebrate all the ways that diversity helps make our community stronger! Everyone is invited to tell their own experiences through stories or poems about their experiences with diversity, whatever it may be. Liquid courage (and snacks!) will be provided, and moral support will abound in a space of no judgement, so don’t feel shy!!

Film Screening on Iranian Politics, CTRG

Venue: Picciotto Common Room

Time: 18h30 – 21h00

Organized by Nina Khamsy, ANSO PhD candidate.