The General Assembly is a meeting open to all students, faculty, and administration of the Institute where only Members and representatives have the ability to vote on proposals offered in this space.

The General Assembly is organised regularly, at least once per semester,
by the GISA Executive Committee.

The General Assembly:
a. Adopts the annual budget of the Association;
b. Serves as a forum for hearing and addressing student concerns on school-wide issues;
c. Serves as a feedback and reporting mechanism regarding the quality of
representation and action by each of the Programme Representatives and the GISA Executive Committee. Any student who is not satisfied with the work of a GISA Executive Committee member or Programme Representative may voice these concerns at the General Assembly; and
d. Has the competence to carry out tasks not specifically attributed by these

Please find below the minutes of meetings of the last GA sessions:

GA (Fall 2020) Session Notes

GA (Spring 2020) Session Notes

GA (Fall 2019) Session Notes