Podcasts have become increasingly popular! Earning its name as being a simple yet an ‘on the go communicator’, podcasts through whichever channel you listen to, come in all lengths and genres. Similar to choosing clothes, each person following or listening to a podcast has their own unique style and taste of their playlist. Of course, there’s room for everyone and there are numerous podcasts out there from different countries on diverse topics. Alright, you must be thinking, “initiative quit talking about podcasts and introduce me your initiative already!”. Well… now that you have seen our pictures here, let me introduce to you our unique podcasting Initiative we proudly call -Geneva International (in short Geneva Intl.!)

The purpose and vision of the initiative is to promote the use of podcasting and video podcasting among students and staff at our Institute (open to even students of UniGe). Why? Because our Institute has a community that is as diverse as the entire world! They come with unique and diverse mindsets to view the world and perhaps a student can even have a journey to share! Then with this tool, why not speak about that topic you like?

Our Mission- To get you podcasting and to show you how to do it!

Our Vision- To promote the usage of podcasts and video podcasts at the Institute

Contact- gisa.podcast@graduateinstitute.ch- email FOR RECRUITMENT DETAILS!

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/genevaintl/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/geneva_intl/

Podcasting Team Board (taken Dec, 2019)- Very grateful to have kickstarted this initiative with support of Mauricio, Michelle, Guillaume, Pedro, Amy, Esther, Samhita, Anna, Olivier, Joshua

Podcast Team (current)- Michelle, Samhita, Mauricio and Pedro