Welcome to the IHEID Student Guide

About the student guide:

The student guide provides a walkthrough on everything from finding housing to picking a bank to getting a cell phone. The guide will include information on how to get the most out of living in Geneva, and how to make the best transition possible as students acclimate themselves to the city.

For incoming students, it provides a small glimpse into life in Geneva, and may answer specific questions that they have about life at IHEID. While some of the information they seek may come from the administration or from school materials, this guide comes from students, and thus has an on-the-street perspective including student tips and tricks. We feel that this will be useful for students and can avoid problems before they arise.

Several GISA Executive Committees from 2010 to 2020 were responsible for the Student Guide. It was launched on our new website in Spring of 2012.

The Guide

  1. First things first
    1. First steps after getting accepted to IHEID
    2. Finding housing
  2. Arriving in Geneva
    1. Swiss Visas
    2. Residence permit
    3. Health insurance
    4. Registration at IHEID
    5. E-mail accounts
  3. Life in Geneva
    1. Food
    2. Shopping
    3. Mobile phones
    4. Going out in Geneva
    5. Banking
    6. Medical services
    7. Transportation in Geneva 
  4. About IHEID
    1. Libraries
    2. Where to go with a problem
  5. Student Life
    1. Academics
      1. Scheduling classes
      2. School work and thesis
      3. Learning French
      4. The French test
      5. Scholarships
    2. Extracurriculars
      1. Getting involved at IHEID
      2. MINT Mentorship Programme
      3. Work and Internships