Where to go with a problem

The Institute has a great guide for “who to go to”: link provided here.

IHEID Emergency Number (Available 24 hours) – +41 (0)22 908 5911

Specific information for students with disabilities

Organization providing information to people with needs or difficulties due to a disability (mental, psychological, physical, sensory, etc.):

DSE, Direction générale de l’action sociale, (DGAS)

Bd. George – Favon 26, 1204 Geneva, 022 546 51 45, www.ge.ch/dgas

Pro Infirmis, bd Helvétique 27, 1207 Geneva, 022 737 08 08, www.proinfirmis.ch

Insieme, association de parents et d’amis de personnes mentalement handicapées rue de la Gabelle 7, 1227 Carouge ; 022 343 17 20, www.insieme-ge.ch

Centre de Contact Suisses-Immigrés (CCSI) (centre for social insurances) (free)

Route des Acacias 25, 1227 Acacias, 022 304 48 60, www.ccsi.ch

Harassment – Antenne H

The Institute has created an anti-harassment programme, named “Antenne H”. It was established for students as well as collaborators and is intended to improve the work and study climate at the Institute and to help ensure the wellbeing of our community.

The programme is managed by a committee of representatives guided by the Deputy-Director of the Institute and the Director of Human Resources. It falls within the scope of the Institute’s Charter, which calls for Institute community members to behave in a respectful and exemplary manner in support of our quest for excellence at the Institute and in society at large.

For more information: https://graduateinstitute.ch/antenneh

GISA Welfare Committee

The GISA Welfare Committee, founded in 2016, is a specialized committee and member of GISA which is dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of our Institute’s student body. We are here to organize events, implement programs and voice your concerns or suggestions. We welcome the involvement of any interested students, irrespective of your program and encourage any initiative that may benefit the welfare of the student body.

You can find more about the committee here: https://mygisa.ch/all-news/welfare-commitee/

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