Class registration usually opens at 9.00 am, one week before the beginning of the semester for all students apart from 1st year MINT students. For those students the registration page becomes available on the following day. This is done to allow MINT students who were unable to register for their preferred courses in their first year to take these classes in their second year.

Class registration is done through the Graduate Institute Campus site. You can  access the Student Portal by going to the Student Toolbox and scrolling down the page, and then clicking on ‘Campus’ option.

The registration website information as well as deadlines will be provided in your welcome kit.

When logging in you may be placed on a waiting list, as the number of students who can be logged in on the system is limited. This can be nerve-racking but don’t panic. Hardly anyone manages to log on without being put on a waiting list, and your position in the queue will move faster than you think.

Once logged in, the main screen will give you the option of clicking “Registration to Classes”: this will give you a list of all the courses that you are eligible to sign up for. The time you have to select your choices once logged on is limited, so we suggest that you decide on your choices before you go on the portal.

You are allowed to sign up for up to seven courses. If you are unsure which courses you would like to take, we recommend signing up for six or seven and then dropping down to five once you have decided.

We kindly ask you to unregister from courses as soon as you decide not to take them, because you might be blocking a place for someone else.

There are a limited number of places for many courses. Usually, spaces are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. When signing up you will be able to see how many spaces are already taken. If your chosen course is already oversubscribed, don’t panic. As mentioned above, people usually register for more courses than they eventually pick. If you are interested in an oversubscribed course, register nevertheless and hope for the best, but also register for an alternative.

If you are choosing classes outside of your course curriculum, you may not have priority for a course. This is shown on the registration page as well. This means that the allocation of spaces for this course works in a 2-tier first-come-first-served system. If a large enough number of students from that discipline sign up for this course, even after you, they prevail and you may not get a space even if there are spaces available at the time when you sign up.

You can follow how many people have signed up to which course and make changes to your choices within the first two weeks of classes. Do not forget to drop any classes you do not want to take within these first two weeks!

Course Substitution: If you already have a strong background in subjects covered by mandatory classes, you can request to substitute this course with an elective course instead. Contact the Academic Assistant of your program and the head of unit as soon as possible to enquire about the forms and deadlines involved with derogation. Note that decisions are not taken until a couple weeks into the semester, so you will need to register in person for an additional course until you know whether or not the derogation is approved.

Transferring to a different programme

If you are unhappy with your program of choice, it might be possible to apply for a transfer to another unit during your first month of classes in the Graduate Institute. In the past years, students initially registered for MIA and MDEV degrees were able to switch programs after providing sufficient justification for their demand, and subject to the places available on the programme. Please note that policies might vary from year to year and from case to case, so make sure you contact the directors of the respective units (and the director of the Graduate Institute, when necessary) before placing a request.

If you feel you should transfer your program, contact the Academic Advisor, Laurent Neury, at the contact information available on this page when you arrive in Geneva. Additionally you should get in contact with your department chair. You can select your department here and find contact information on the ensuing pages.