In brief, you can get involved in the Institute through the student initiatives and/or the opportunities provided by the school itself.

Speaking about the initiatives, there are more than a dozen and they cover a lot of ground, from Human Rights, sustainability to party-planning and board games. The most active initiatives tend to be regional ones, such as the Latin American Network Initiative, Middle East North African Initiative, IHEID Afrique, and Student Initiative on Asia. For more information, check on GISA website in the menu initiatives:

The opportunities provided by the Institute are generally shaped for academic or professional engagement. In this case, you should pay attention, from the beginning, to the electronic newsletter sent every week by the Institute and other emails. We can give some examples such as:

  • Moot Courts: Each year the Institute creates teams to compete in the moot courts dealing with affairs like public international law and trade.
  • Laws without walls
  • Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN)
  • Geneva Challenge

Moreover, there are often movie screenings, conferences and debates held inside the Institute or in International Geneva. In the past, figures such as the CEO of Microsoft, the Dalai Lama and Kofi Annan (who comes around every year) were present.