Medical Services in Geneva are typically good quality and most services are covered by Health Insurance (but no psychiatry).

When going either to the hospital or to the doctor, remember to bring your ID and your Health Insurance card. The price can be quite expensive, especially for foreign students – a consultation can be charged for around 100 to 500 CHF, depending on how much time you spent and specialty you choose.

In case of emergency, students generally go to Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, which is relatively close to Plainpalais (tram station, ligne 15). However, take in consideration that this service may take a while depending on your case, as the most urgent cases have priority.

If you don’t have a family doctor or in case of emergency, call n° 144, which will direct you to the appropriate service.

You may also find this list of English speaking Doctors helpful.

Information compiled by the Institute

You can find the addresses of more than 1’500 English speaking doctors on:

or at: The association des médecins de Genève (Association of Geneva Doctors), rue Micheli-du-Crest 12, 1205 Geneva, 022 320 84 20,

Useful general information can be found on:

Advice and support groups

If you have a chronic disease or would like to have more information on a particular health topic, you will find very useful advice and contact details on this website:

Please note that most documents are available in French only.

For support groups in English:

Sexually transmitted infections

Carry out tests anonymously by contacting the Hôpital Universitaire de Genève (HUG-CIFERN), your doctor or the following organizations:

CIFERN, planning familial, Boulevard de la Cluse 47, 1205 Genève

Phone: 022 372 55 00

Groupe Sida Genève, rue Grand-Pré 9, 1204 Geneva

022 700 15 00,

Stop : Grand-Pré

Dialogai-Checkpoint (bi-/homosexual men), rue Grand-Pré 9, 1204 Geneva

022 906 40 40

Addictions – alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other

People who are or fear of becoming addicted can contact their doctor or the following services:

Service d’addictologie, rue verte 2, 1205 Geneva

022 372 55 60

For prevention in general, see the site

Stop: Augustins

Unité tabac, alcool, autres dépendances, Service de médecine de 1er recours

(Tobacco, Alcohol and other Addictions Unit, First-line Medical Service)

Hôpital Universitaire de Genève (HUG), rue Gabrielle Perret-Gentil 4, 1211 Geneva

022 372 95 37

Stop: Hôpital

Mental health

Students have the possibility to meet a psychologist (member of AGPsy, the Geneva Association of Psychologists) at the Graduate Institute for a 45-minute orientation session, which aims to facilitate further access to psychological support via “Pôle Sante Social” or another institution according to their needs.

  • Alternatively, adapted solutions and access to welfare services are offered to our students via the “Pôle Santé Social” of the University of Geneva (CHF 25.-/session)
  • the HUG (Hôpital cantonal of Geneva) (covered by health insurance)

For questions or further help, your Student Support and Wellbeing Team will be happy to assist.

For any mental health problem (depression, burn-out and more):

Département de santé mentale et de psychiatrie (Psychiatry department) – Sectors (SPA-S)

Outpatients consultations of the 4 sectors :

Sector 1 – Eaux-Vives, rue du XXXI Décembre 36, 022 382 31 03

Sector 2 – Jonction, bd Saint-Georges 16-18, 022 809 82 30

Sector 3 – Servette, rue de Lyon 91, 022 372 32 80

Sector 4 – Pâquis, rue de Lausanne 67, 022 716 44 11

See also:

Are you feeling depressed? Lonely? This website (in French) could help:

This number can be reached 24hrs a day, 7 days a week: 022 382 42 42