Who we are?

Established in 2019, the Peacebuilding Initiative aims to elevate the role of the youth in the field. The vision of the co-founders is to better address the challenges of peacebuilding by integrating the youth and young professionals in the international community to play a more effective role in supporting peacebuilding efforts around the world. We seek to champion a comprehensive and collaborative approach by advancing intergenerational dialogue across sectors and borders. At the heart of our work lies the conviction that when the role of the youth in building peace is acknowledged and mobilised, we may better meet the issues of today.

Our Mission

In pursuit of its vision, the Initiative is embodied by three pillars. First, we strive to deliver authoritative information from youth perspectives on issues relating to the field. As follows, we endeavour to become the entry point for organisations and professionals to enlist the youth as partners in peacebuilding processes. Second, the Initiative will provide a network to facilitate the connection between the youth and young professionals. The aim of the network is to co-create structures for youth participation in formal and informal peacebuilding processes. Third, we seek to stimulate interest and awareness by co-creating a space for learning as well as knowledge-sharing. By generating a broader awareness towards peacebuilding and peace processes across regions, we hope to add value to the field by taking a critical approach to current research and policy approaches.

To this end, we offer a space where students, young professionals, and interns may be elevated as full partners within the current peacebuilding architecture in Geneva and worldwide.

Our Activities

In support of the founding vision and objectives, the Initiative will:

  • Facilitate dialogue and build capacities across institutional and generational divisions through panel discussions, working groups, workshops, networking, as well as cultural events.
  • Deliver authoritative information on topics urgent to the youth and young professionals to global audiences by providing a database for knowledge-sharing.
  • Collaborate with those striving for peace to strengthen our collective voice and impact.


The Peacebuilding Initiative is mandated by the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) and the student body of the Graduate Institute, Geneva.

The Peacebuilding Initiative receives its funding from the GISA of the Graduate Institute, Geneva on an annual basis.

Contact Us

Email:             peacebuildinginitiative.ch@gmail.com

Website:          www.peacebuildinginitative.com

Facebook:       www.fb.me/peacebuildinginitiative.ch

Instagram:       @peacebuilding.initiative

Address:          Maison de la Paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, 1211 Geneva