The Feminist Collective is the Graduate Institute platform for student activism on issues broadly linked to gender inequalities, both in our university and outside. It rises from the awareness that, apart from the remarkable specific courses the Institute offers on such issues, feminism and more generally gendered perspectives is missing from our daily academic life or is, at best, limited to one dedicated class.

Despite the amazing work already done by other components of our community concerned with similar topics, these issues seem to lack the visibility it deserves within the community. Because we trust that there is strength in unity, we are trying to work with other Institute’s initiatives concerned with similar cross-cutting issues, such as the Gender Centre, Gender and Diversity Commission, QISA, etc. Moreover, we believe in the importance of the Collective in leading students’ dialogue and mobilisation around everyday experiences of gender inequalities such as pay gaps, glass ceiling, sexual harassment and violence and so on.

In the past semesters, the Feminist Collective has organised different types of group discussions on various topics, film screenings and several other activities. We are now adapting to these trying times and thinking of new ways to keep the Collective as involved and active as possible. We are notably working on a newsletter which would tackle issues that were brought up to us or were of particular interest to the Institute community. 

Everyone is more than welcome to join the Collective. Reach out to us by email ( or on Facebook.